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Carolina Wintgens
(Professor - Netherland)

"I feel that it has been a very useful experience to be able to practice and to understand the Spanish language and in addition to understand and to know the Peruvian culture.The family was very warm and nice with me and very patient, when we talked on complex subjects, we had Fabiola, (the walking dictionary) who helped us with the translations. It was very touching at the time of leaving family house and I remember much the phrase: MY HOME IS YOURS, RETURN WHENEVER YOU WISH."

Stannic Tong:
(Medicine student – England)

When I came to Cusco I was terrified because I could not speak a single word of Spanish, now 4 weeks and 40 hour of Spanish lessons later, I feel I can walk into any place without being inhibited by the language barrier. The Mundo Verde Spanish School has been tremendously helpful. One – on – one teaching of the highest standard suited to my needs as a “beginner” in the Spanish language I was made to feel comfortable and learnt at my own pace.

Brent Grey
(Phisiotherapist - USA)

Fue una experiencia muy buena. Giovana y Verónica me ayudaron mucho con mi español. Después de 4 semanas de este curso puedo salir a conversar.

Haydn Leaker (England)

From the time Pablo collected me at Cusco airport all has gone really well with my Spanish course at Mundo Verde. Everyone has been friendly and helpful, including the family who welcomed me into their home for a week and kept on talking to me in Spanish. Sometimes it was hard work but I’m sure my Spanish has improved a lot. I shared my class with one other student and we had two very patient teachers, Amparo for grammar and Pablo seemed to enjoy just talking with us. It was really good to hear about how their project is developing. For me the biggest challenge is understanding spoken Spanish so the fact that (almost) everyone in Peru speaks at a sensible speed has been really useful - compared to Spain, where they speak so quickly. I would recommend Mundo Verde both for the quality of their teaching and
also for their general helpfulness - for example helping to arrange tours and visits to Machu Picchu and the jungle. I really enjoyed my time here and I’m sure you will too if you choose to study with Mundo Verde.


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