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Tips for visiting Cusco


Cusco is a city located in the heart of Peru; at 3400 metres above sea level (11160 feet) the climate is temperate most of the year during the day, but cold at night. The average temperature is 18ºC (64.5ºF) during the day and 6-7ºC (44ºF) during the night.

Two seasons are clearly defined in Cusco, the Rainy season, which begins in October and ends in March and the Dry Season which begins in April and ends in September. We rarely have snow in the city; however it is common in the surrounding areas. During the day the climate is warm. On the other hand, the majority of the buildings remain cold due to a lack of heating.

The local people are extremely friendly and welcoming and you will also meet lots of foreigners from all over the world. If you are planning to visit Cusco here are some tips to consider before your trip:

• It is recommended to take insurance before visiting Peru.

• If you are visiting during the rainy season bring some waterproof clothing. It is advisable when leaving your accommodation to carry a raincoat and umbrella just in case. However during the day short sleeve shirts recommended.

• If you are coming during the dry season (May to August) bring lots of warm clothing.

• Vaccines are not a compulsory before traveling to Peru, but most visitors consider immunizations against Hepatitis B. If however you are planning a trip to the jungle, antimalarials are advisable and even yellow fever.

• Altitude sickness can affect some visitors, especially if flying directly to Cusco. Symptoms include headaches, dizziness and vomiting. If theses occur drink plenty of water and the local’s advice coca tea, which is excellent.

• Dollar notes should be in “mint” condition otherwise they will not be accepted.

US$1= S/ 3.40 approximately

€1= S/ 4.30 approximately

• A taxi journey costs 2 soles before 10 p.m. and 3 soles thereafter.

• Hospitals and clinics are of a high standard in Cusco, so bringing your own needles is not necessary.

• There are many unidentified dogs in Cusco, be careful if approaching them, however the majority are not dangerous.

• Cusco is extremely safe, however be careful when walking alone at night and always take registered taxis.

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