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Learning Spanish nowadays is considered a very important tool. After English, it is considered the most important international language and the third most spoken language in the world. This answers the question Why Spanish?. Any one who wants to be dynamic part in social and economic life should possess an “extra”. Spanish could be that “extra”, spoken nearly by 500 million people all over the world.

Look at some statistics

  • Spanish is the second most used language in the world

  • Spanish is the native language of more than 360 million people

  • In ten years, the demand for Spanish courses has doubled

  • Spanish is the official language in 21 countries

  • Another 100 million people speak Spanish as a second language

  • It is estimated that within 50 years time, Spanish will be the native language of a 50% of the United States' population

  • Spanish is the most studied foreign language in non-Hispanic countries, both in America and Europe

  • It is an official language at the UN and its off-shorts, in the European Union and other International Organizations

  • Spanish has already consolidated as one of the most important languages on the internet

  • South American countries show a remarkable economic growth rate, that makes them important trade partners

  • Some of the South American countries are at the threshold of the NAFTA, a commerce organization whose members are the United States of America, Canada and Mexico

  • The development of MERCOSUR has created another commerce pact in South America

So, as you can see speaking Spanish will open many gates for employment and better growth expectations in the international sector. There are many other reasons to learn Spanish such as: the contribution of the Latino culture to world literature – and- why not? Your soul mate could be waiting for you.

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