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(1 week minimum)
Starting date: Any Monday
Level of Spanish required: Any

This course is especially designed for those who like mysticism and shamanism. We take the students on an amazing trip of rituals and Andean healing sessions whilst they learn Spanish. The students will be immersed with shamans who will lead them through magic and mysterious sites of our ancestors, the Inca people. With this course students will learn more about Cusco and its people by knowing its religion and beliefs. This Spanish course combines both fun and a high standard of learning. Join us and learn about the magic of the shamans in the “centre of the universe” Cusco.

This course takes place both in Cusco and Huasao, a small village located 15 minutes south of Cusco, very well known because of its traditions on Andean mysticism and shamanism. You will spend every afternoon in Huasao during the course, where you will be immersed on this on this magical learning experience.

We will pick you up from the airport and bring you to the house of the family you are staying with or to the private apartment if chosen. You will spend the first day just relaxing or walking around Cusco.

From Monday to Friday you will have Spanish lessons starting at 9:00 A.M. Spanish lessons are as follows:
9:00 A.M. Spanish lessons
11:00 A.M. Break (15 minutes)
11:15 A.M. Spanish practices and conversation
12:15 M. Lectures on Andean Religion where you will learn a great deal

You will have lunch with your family or on your own and subsequently have an hour and a half of free time. After your relaxing time we will pick you up from your house or apartment and bring you to Huasao, the small and tranquil village where we will arrive around 3:00 PM to begin our Mystical course.

Monday afternoon
15:00 hrs First session with the shaman, you will have a 2 hour introductory session on the Andean Mysticism and Beliefs.
After that you will have time for yourself to meditate or just revise what you have learnt during the day.

Tuesday afternoon:
15:00 hrs Spirit Cleaning Session with the shaman for two hours and meditation

Wednesday afternoon:
15:00 hrs The Protection Ritual during this session you will learn all about this ancient ritual and be led through an amazing world of mystery and magic where you will learn how Andean indigenous folk protect themselves from evil spirits and evil energy.

Thursday afternoon:
15:00 hrs Coca leave reading, an old tradition which was used by the Incas to read fortunes of the Empire and of course of the Inca King himself. You will be taught how to interpret these magical leaves.

Friday afternoon:
15:00 hrs Pago a la Tierra (The Mother Earth Ceremony), you will be guided to make your own ceremony after seeing the shaman doing it so you could present your own Offering. This ceremony was held by our ancestors to thank mother Earth for all the benefits they received from her and local Andean still perform these rituals today. This is something you could do wherever you are.

After this session we will have a final dinner with the shaman and the teacher, and on Saturday we will have a final excursion in Cusco. If you decide to take more Spanish lessons you can continue your stay either with the family or at the private apartment.


Private (one on one) US$ 450.00
Group (2-4) US$ 320.00


This course includes:
30 hours of Spanish lessons
10 hours of Andean Mysticism lectures
All the material to work with
5 sessions with the Shaman
All meals included during your stay with us
Accommodation for 6 nights

• 15% goes directly to the Rain forest Project
• 10% goes directly to the Health Funding for the Needy Project

Thank you for considering taking a Spanish course at Mundo Verde!!!

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