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At Mundo Verde we have different volunteering programs. We do not charge a penny to “connect” volunteers to the organization. These organizations work with homeless children, woman suffering domestic violence and nature. Remember, we offer VOLUNTER WORK FOR FREE.

Our volunteering programmes are divided into three main topics, children, women and nature (plants and animals).

1. Organizations involved with children projects work in Cusco area, our main link is targeted to one organization “Jesús mi luz”, children live there and attend school, these children come from violent homes or have no home at all. Their ages fluctuate between 5 and 12 years and their hope is to meet people who can teach them how to be children.

Our volunteers are expected to spend time with these children, either during the morning or afternoon, in this time they will play games, they will help with school homework, if a volunteer has a particular skill, it would be most welcome if he or she teaches to the children in this organization. We have developed the English Teaching Programme (ETP) so our children will benefit from volunteers who will teach English as a second language. The minimum commitment time is 4 weeks to teach English and 3 weeks to spend time and help or teach any other skill such as music, painting, acting, etc.

2. The other programme is about working with women suffering domestic violence; these women come from poor areas around the city and do not have legal orientation access, so they will come to these organizations to get help. Volunteers here are expected to spend time with these women and try to talk with them and make them see that they are important and they have rights. The minimum commitment time for this programme is 2 weeks.

3. Nature programme includes organization working in the animal field or plants field, a conservation project is also available. To work with animals, the volunteer must, sometimes, be away from the city in order to get to help. Animal species are usually horses, Andean condor, and the local zoo. To work with plants, the volunteer must like botany and working outdoors, medicinal plants is the main scope of this programme so the volunteer will spend time helping directly in the field and or some herbariums.

The final project is about environmental conservation has to do with planning and developing strategies to clean rivers, valleys or towns, in these projects volunteers will help organizing and carrying out planes. The minimum commitment time for this programme is 2 weeks.

The children and women programmes can be booked even 2 weeks before arrival, the nature programmes must be booked 6 months in advance at the least, although, sometimes spaces will be available due to cancellations. All programmes need a basic knowledge of Spanish language, particularly when working with children. If the volunteer has no Spanish, we recommend taking lessons before coming and/or once in Cusco at Mundo Verde Spanish School, our schedules are flexible and are targeted to improve the language to work in these fields.

As for accommodation and food, we do not supply these; we can help you arranging these though by presenting two options:
First option: Student/Volunteer residence, full board and lodging, internet access, cable TV, hot water, telephone access, laundry once a week, our residence is located at downtown, and rooms are prepared on a double basis.

Vegetarian food available, the cost per week is US$100.00 (food is not included on Sunday nor dinner on Saturday)

Second option: Family stay, the volunteer will stay with a local host family, they will share everything in the house with the volunteer. This includes 3 meals per day, private room, cable TV, hot water, phone access. The cost per week is US$100.00. No laundry available.

As a volunteer you will have a flexible schedule and you can go on your trip at any time, remember, you are a volunteer!!! So, if whilst volunteering you decide to go on a trip, let’s say Inca Trail, Sacred Valley, or the Amazon rain forest, just feel free to go, you just have to let us know in advance. If you need information on how to organize these trips, feel free to ask for help, we can organize them for you.

If you decide to volunteer with us, feel free to request the volunteering booking form. 

Volunteering booking form

Thank you for considering taking a Spanish course at Mundo Verde!!!

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